Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

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Hard water can be defined as water that has accumulated minerals and may be an expensive issue to live with. The dissolved minerals in groundwater react with the heat in your home’s pipes, leaving scale and buildup, damaging your pipes, appliances, and fixtures. 

A water softener treats hard water by eliminating the minerals using an ion-exchange process. The resin within the system traps mineral ions that result in hard water, exchanging them for sodium and potassium ions. Install a water softener today by contacting Eco pro plumbing. With over two generations of experience in plumbing, Eco pro provides the best services. They offer a wide range of services from Residential Drain Cleaning to septic tank service and Water Damage Prevention. 

Signs of hard water 

Perhaps someone has suggested that you have hard water in your area. But how can you tell for sure? There are several signs of hard water in your everyday life.

  1. Your skin might feel drier than usual.
  2. Even after you washing, your clothes never smell or look clean.
  3. There is soap residue on your tub or scale on your showerhead.
  4. There is the low water pressure in all your faucets.
  5. Your dishes have watermark residues when they dry
  6. The water in your tap tastes metallic.
  7. Clogged pipes in your water heater, dishwasher, or washing machine.
  8. Excessive lime and chalk buildup on the walls of sinks and showers.

Contact Eco pro plumbing and get your free quotation today if you notice any mentioned signs. They provide 24 Hours Emergency Plumbing and offer a wide range of services, including Commercial Drain Cleaning. 

Benefits of a water softener 

  1. Saves money  

Soft water does not contain the mineral ions that create buildup in pipes and appliances, saving you money on costly repairs. Mineral accumulation in a line restricts the amount of water passing through, demanding higher pump pressure. It will also increase the amount of energy required to maintain the temperature of the water. Your dishwasher, washing machines, coffee machines, and water heaters would require frequent replacements and repairs. Scale buildup reduces the quality and efficiency of your appliances. Therefore, installing a water softener might help with all these issues. 

  1. Softer and brighter clothes  

You are most likely to wash your clothes in mineral deposits if you have hard water. The minerals will cause the colour to fade over time, and some minerals can even leave stains or discolour your clothes. Soft water dissolves more easily in clothes, allowing for more thorough cleaning. Water softeners also dissolve detergent more effectively, and hence it would require less detergent for you to clean clothes. 

  1. Cleaner dishes

If your dishes have streaks, film, or residue, it’s because of calcium and mineral deposits left behind by hard water after it dries. If you don’t have a soft water system, you’ll notice them on your dishes when washed with tap water. Because the sediment is present in the water, it will degrade your crockery, allowing soap scum and food to adhere. A water softener solves the problem at its source, eliminating minerals before they can accumulate on your dishes. Additionally, soft water melts soaps and detergents more effectively, and hence, it produces more lather for effective cleaning. 

  1. Cleaner hair and healthy skin 

Soft water can be highly beneficial to your hair and skin. Hard water’s mineral ions hinder it from being entirely solvable with soaps, resulting in a soap scum residue. The absence of these minerals in soft water results in a richer lather. The skin benefits of using a water softener go beyond soap lather. It can help you cope with the adverse effects of hard water on your body, such as the loss of natural oils in your skin and hair.