Though sewer line issues are terribly inconvenient, you can at least expect them to be fairly simple to recognize.

Sewer Lines Repair

If you can successfully identify your sewage line problem before the sewage starts backing up into your drains, you can save yourself a significant amount of hassle and time.

Typically foreshadowed by these warning signs:

  • slowly emptying drains: shower and sinks
  • slow draining toilet
  • clogged kitchen sink
  • clogged toilet
  • unusual gurgling noises from lower drains like the shower and toilet
  • smelly drains 
  • drain backing up

While the average clog simply affects one drain, a sewer line clog will affect most of the drains in the home, which means almost every drain will start emptying slowly. Strong odours are also a common indication of sewer line problems, and if the issue is left unchecked, you should expect sewage backing up into your home shortly

To avoid such issues, if you experience any of the above, call Eco Pro Plumbing and Drains and request a sewer camera inspection to get the situation assessed. Our expert plumbers will offer you the best and most economical solution.  



The simplest method to clear clogs in  your sewer line is drain snaking, where a drain snake or a drain auger is introduced in the pipe to remove the blockage, and this is usually the first method a plumber will use to try to clear a blockage.

In tougher cases hydro jetting is used get the job done. This method uses a strong stream of water to clear clogs and debris buildup on pipe walls. It effectively clears away the most stubborn clogs, any debris, grease, sand, sediment that has built up in your sewer, and even tree roots that have penetrated your sewer pipes. 

Businesses that handle food can get blockages created by fat, grease, and food waste. Over time, this sludge will build up on the inside of the pipes, restrict flow, and cause you to have sewer backups more frequently if left unattended. 

As the high water pressure might damage old pipes, the camera inspection beforehand is vital to determine the type of handling that can be applied in each case. The video inspection will give the plumbing technician a good look inside your pipes so that they can decide how to best approach your particular problem. 

Also, there can be different causes to sewer line problems: shifting soil can cause sewer pipe rupture or a sagging sewer line that will start to collect paper and waste. Corrosion of older pipes can lead to the pipe collapsing. Tree root infiltration can cause the line to break.

If any of the above is the case for your sewer line, then sewer repair or replacement might be needed, and to do that, there are a few options to choose from. 

Traditional sewer line repair or replacement is typically performed using a backhoe to dig up the area surrounding the line, allowing easy access to the area. Once the repair is made, the area is refilled. This option might be the only one at times, depending on the condition of your pipes or where you live. 

Trenchless sewer line repair methods involve making small access holes where the damaged pipe starts and ends. A new pipe is then pulled through the existing pipe, which bursts the old pipe into pieces while simultaneously laying new pipe. 

In case of sewer repairs and replacements we offer you the camera inspection free of charge

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