Eco Pro Plumbing & Drains will assist you with sump pump installation, maintenance and repair to protect your home and basement from flooding. 

Sump Pump

Finding yourself in ankle deep water because your downstairs flooded from a severe storm is never a fun experience. 

Cellars, utility rooms and garages are all low-level rooms and they should be protected from overflowing and expensive water damage. A reliable system to protect your lower level spaces is a sump pump. Installed properly, it will deter potential flooding in your home caused by rainwater or thawed snow, and so it is a vital part of your basement plumbing. 

Sump pump installation and costs

The cost varies based on different factors, for example whether or not there is an accessible drain near the sump pump system’s planned location, how much landscaping is required, and so on. For buildings at risk of flooding it is an investment worth its cost, as it is still way less expensive to install and maintain a sump pump than repairing and replacing damaged property and furniture. 

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Sump pump maintenance and repair

Well maintained a sump pump will last 7-10 years before it gets old beyond repair. During this period regular checkups will make sure no malfunctioning occurs and any repairs will be carried out in time.

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