Ways to Prevent your Toilet from Leaking around the Base

Fix Leaking Toilet Base

It could be unpleasant to use a toilet that has water dripping from the base. It is never pleasant to walk barefoot in leaky water, especially first thing in the morning. Most leaks may be fixed quickly and easily without the help of a plumber. The bulk of repairs are affordable, and you can finish them in 30 minutes. If the sewer pipe’s top is fractured or cracked or if the closet flange needs to be installed on a concrete floor, you might need professional assistance.

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Reasons why Toilet leaks at the base 

  1. It has loose tee bolts

Two tee bolts, which hold the toilet to the ground, are used. It’s possible that you can’t see them well because a cap typically covers them. These bolts strengthen the seal between the wax seal and the toilet’s base. Check for any loose bolts after carefully removing the cap. If these bolts come free, the wax ring seal on the toilet will probably break, generating a rumble. Every time you flush the toilet, drain water can leak out of the base if your tee bolts are very sloppy.

  1. It’s time to get a new wax ring

The wax seal ring is the next logical possibility if you’ve already tightened the bolts yet the leak persists when flushing. Water will seep through the base if the wax ring is worn down over time to the point where it is no longer malleable. The wax seal ring must be changed in this situation.

  1. Examine for condensation

Typically, the water in a toilet tank, bowl, and porcelain are all cold. You’ll notice water accumulating at the base of your toilet as a result of humidity causing water to drip from the porcelain on the bowl. Gather the equipment you require to repair the toilet once you have identified the leak’s source.

  1. Pipes with leaks

Water will flow regularly from the base of your toilet due to a loose water supply line. It can be the pipes if the leak appears without the need to flush. Place your hand along the pipes and feel them, paying close attention to any joints where water may be leaking. Check to see if the rubber seal and nut connecting the supply line to the tank are securely fastened.

How to stop the base of your toilet from leaking?

  1. Repair any leaks immediately.

It is advisable to repair toilet leaks right away rather than waiting until they become unmanageable. To stop recurring leaks, maintain your toilet regularly. Fixing the toilet leak as soon as feasible will also help you save money in the long term on your water bill.

  1. Don’t flush anything else down the toilet.

Flushing things like diapers, q-tips, paper towels and tissues can clog pipes and cause serious concerns. They can result in clogged pipes because they don’t decompose like toilet paper. More than just a small leak at the base of your toilet can result from a clogged pipe.

  1. Never flush a Toilet with Chemical Drain Cleaners.

It will be beneficial if you avoid using chemical drain cleaners to clean toilets because they are often abrasive and harsh. Their chemical reaction produces heat, which has the potential to break the porcelain of the toilet or soften the PVC pipes. The liquid drain cleaners are applied to tub drains, floor drains, shower and toilet sinks, and sinks. They are useless when applied to toilets since they have unique internal configurations.